Our free confidential advice is for everyone. We provide advice on many issues including understanding benefits, debt management, housing problems, employment and relationship issues and much more. Here we share four examples of how our charity has helped people recently.

“We were so relieved when I spoke to Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire (CAWO). They were very knowledgeable and looked through all the energy schemes available. They sent us all the information we needed and we met to decide what to do. If anyone has a problem they can’t fix. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. ” CAWO client

I had a debt problem. It was from a large mortgage from ages ago. I was going through hell. Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire asked questions about my debt. At first clearing the debt never seemed possible but eventually we came to agreement and it was good. It was one of my problems ticked off. Regarding debt, I can’t fault Citizens Advice. CAWO client

3 Citizens Advice helped to reinstate Personal Independence Plan (PIP)

“I haven’t been able to work for over a year. I lost my benefits including my car. I had to borrow money. I feel I am on the breadline and I’ve lost my independence. My financial future is insecure. My mental health is through the roof. ” See how our charity helped this lady get her PIP reinstated

4 “Citizens Advice helped me through 5 weeks of turmoil”

“I didn’t know what to do at the end of February. I’d no support. I have three kids and thought OMG what can I do? My cupboards used to be full and the kids were fed. I’d no savings and thought how do I pay the rent? Having debt is horrible.” See how our support helped a client through the coronavirus pandemic

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