We have one new role at the moment. We are looking for a Telephone and Digital Assessor to complement our team of talented volunteers who currently answer our calls and contribute to the national web chat and email services.  Please apply by 12th May.

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Volunteer with us

Our volunteers play a vital role in ensuring people in West Oxfordshire get the advice and support they need to find a way forward. Currently we are so lucky to have plenty of volunteers so have no vacancies but we will need your help very soon.

If you’d prefer a little bit of guidance regarding applying at other Oxfordshire Citizens Advice, please call 0300 3030 126.    

Our volunteers said in our recent People Survey…

  • 87% would recommend us a place to work or volunteer
  • 79% reported an increase in self confidence
  • 90% felt more engaged in their community
  • 87% feel more equipped and empowered to get on with their lives

Sandy O’Neill, Chief Officer of Citizens Advice Portsmouth gave an emotive interview about how she began volunteering at Citizens Advice.
She said: “I can’t ever express how much the day I walked into that office changed my life.“‘I made my way out of the terrible situation I was in, solely through Citizens Advice.” 

“What a massive need there is for this charity, what incredible support the advisers give and how much the public appreciate the help”

Lynne Searle, Advice Support Volunteer

So many excellent reasons to volunteer with us

  • Extensive training and support to ensure you have the knowledge to help people move forward
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem through achieving positive outcomes for the community alongside a supportive team
  • A sense of belonging to the community, built through working with local people from all backgrounds
  • Contributing to improving the wellbeing of our clients, such as reducing social isolation, anxiety and stress
  • Improved job market prospects, both in terms of finding employment and expected salary
  • Opportunities for internal promotion, including leadership roles and paid positions

“The training was really comprehensive. I felt so well prepared and encouraged to help others. I got the chance to meet people and it was fun too.”

Alex Kinchesh, Volunteer

Take the volunteer quiz to find out what area are volunteering might interest you!

Thanks to the contribution volunteers play in local Citizens Advice, two out of every three clients have their problem solved and four out of five say the advice received improved their lives.

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