Jill is a single Mum with three children.  She lived in private rented accommodation and owed over £19,000 to a number of creditors.  Having spilt up with her partner whilst pregnant, managing her finances during 2020 became impossible.

“It got to the point with debt collectors at my door, I needed help. I am a single Mum with three children. My debts were getting bigger and I couldn’t pay them. It was so emotionally draining. I had split with my partner whilst pregnant. I had lots of debts with many companies. I didn’t know what to pay first. ”

How CAWO helped

“Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire called the debt collectors and had my debt put on hold for 30 days. Then they called all the creditors and explained my situation. I didn’t have the right words to be able to do this.

Having done my financial checks and seen I couldn’t afford my bills, they suggested applying for a Debt Relief Order. They arranged for two food vouchers to keep me going which was such a relief. They told me ways to cut back on my bills, helped me with energy saving advice and even got me a fridge freezer for my new housing association home.”

How do you feel now?

I feel so much better in myself. I’m getting there. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders. It took away so much of my stress.

You guys are amazing – it might not seem a big thing to some people. I was in such a bad, depressive state. Citizens Advice has taken all that away. Thank you. ”


Jill’s Debt Relief Order via an Approved Intermediary at Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire was formally approved on 2 February 2021. A total of £19,014.99 debts were placed in a 12 month moratorium period. Debts will then be classed as a full write off after 12 months from date of the order. This allows Jill to have a fresh start with her life and looking after her children.

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