Gambling has become normalised. Almost half our adult population gambles, whether that’s buying a lottery ticket, playing bingo or placing a sports bet. Advances in mobile technology now allow people to gamble at anytime, anywhere, and on anything. Sports like football are saturated by gambling sponsorship and we see advertising on TV and across social media.

What is gambling?

You’re gambling if you take a risk of losing money, or belongings, based on chance. Lots of gambling seems very normal and is easy to access.

What are some of the problems it can cause?

People who come to us for support with gambling may need help with other problems. Often they don’t realise that gambling might be the cause for:

  • Debts
  • Housing problems
  • Mental health
  • Employment or education
  • Family or relationship issues

A gambling problem can mean there isn’t enough money to pay for rent, bills and food. It can mean running up credit card bills and other debts. It can mean relationships breaking down, job losses and homelessness.

These problems don’t just affect the person who is gambling. They can affect their family, friends and people they work with.

Whether you need support with your own gambling, or you want to help someone else, we’re here for you. We can also help if you’ve been affected by someone else’s gambling.

Where to go to find out more about gambling harm

Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire Call our Adviceline on Freephone 0808 2787908 for support.

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