This summer we were pleased to host an intern through The University of Oxford Careers Service.  Our Intern reviewed our Community Profile using limited data from the 2021 census has been released.  Thank you to The University of Oxford for recognising CAWO as a 2022 Gold Standard Internship Host. 

The report concludes:

West Oxfordshire is older, less deprived, and more highly qualified than the UK as a
whole. However, it is not exempt from the challenges which being felt by the country
currently. The aftermath of the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis have led to
rising levels of poverty – particularly fuel and food poverty, with some estimates
placing 75% of the population in fuel poverty over the next year – and increasing
pressure on district funding. High house prices and levels of inequality within West
Oxfordshire mean the district is especially at risk of these negative trends.
Citizen’s Advice West Oxfordshire is then presented with a mixed picture; while West
Oxfordshire is relatively fortunate in its population profile, growing challenges can be
expected to put more pressure on the service. Increased demand for the service and
increasing levels of claims for benefits will mean that the service will need to respond
to new pressures. Fuel poverty and help with rising costs of living will be key areas in
which the service can expect increased demand.

See the full Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire Community Profile

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